Chicago World's Fair

"An' his mother was a sweet-faced little woman, though fr'm th' County Kerry, that nursed th' sick an' waked th' dead, an' niver had a hard thought in her simple mind f'r anny iv Gawd's creatures. Poor sowl, she's dead now. May she rest in peace!"
- Mister Dooley


A Novel by Gloria McMillan

Copyright © 1997 Gloria McMillan and Fly Neleth Press. All rights reserved.

Chapter 1: Kioshk to Chicago

Chapter 2: The Klimas

Chapter 3: Alzina Stevens

Chapter 4: Bertha Palmer

Chapter 5: William T. Stead

Chapter 6: Wooldridge the Detective

Chapter 7: The New Woman

Chapter 8: The Whip

Chapter 9: Dear Midnight of Love

Chapter 10: Nice Story

Chapter 11: Wage-Earning Children

Chapter 12: Saint Vitus's Dance

Chapter 13: Eyes on the Universe

Chapter 14: Summer Wishes

Chapter 15: The Boodlers and the Boodled

Chapter 16: A Newer Drum

Chapter 17: Campaigning

Chapter 18: That Great Gettin'-up Mornin'

Chapter 19: Me Word of Honor

Chapter 20: Blue Lights and Rockets

Chapter 21: Bull's Eye

Chapter 22: The Garbage Wars

Chapter 23: Coals on the Fire

Chapter 24: Funeral Baked Meats

Chapter 25: The Peace Offering

Chapter 26: Changing Venues

Waking the Dead
Copyright ©1997 Gloria McMillan andFly Neleth Press. All rights reserved.